Welcome to the Santa Fe Handball Association

We are dedicated to the sport of handball.


The 2018, the 16th Annual Santa Fe Prairie Dog Classic Handball Tournament had to be cancelled because of facility difficulties. We apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused and will announce future plans for our Prairie Dog Classic here when we have more information.

For tournament information, contact the following:

Contact: Rand Marco, Tournament Director, call (505) 603-0382 or email moc.liamg|soidutSocraMdnaR#moc.liamg|soidutSocraMdnaR (subject “HANDBALL”).

For web site information, contact Phil Vergamini by email at moc.liamg|inimagrevjp#moc.liamg|inimagrevjp (subject “SF HANDBALL Web Site”)

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